Lecture 23: ‘Australian Indigenous Studies’ 31 August 2014

Lilly Brown and Kate Rendell


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Lecture 22: 29 July 2014

Graham Priest and Sean Goedecke

Lecture 21: 29 June 2014

Roland Boer and Josh Lourensz

Lecture 20: ‘Architecture’ 27 April 2014

Jon Shinkfield and Matt Dwyer

Lecture 19: ‘This Modern Love’ 30 March 2014

John Rundell and Mitch Taylor

Lecture 18: ‘Science!’ 23 February 2014

‘Narratives in Science’ by Carmel Wallis.

‘Zombies, Lazers and the Resurrection Protocol’ by Dr Dave Farmer

Lecture 17: ‘Language and You’ 24 November 2013

Apostrophes, linguistics, social politics, and you! by John Olstad

‘How do you mean? Understanding ambiguous signs in a shared language’ by Chris Lum (audio)

Lecture 16: ‘Feminine/Masculine’ 27 October 2013

‘Future Masculinity’by Joseph Gelfer (audio)

‘Gender and Reptiles in Cyberspace’ by Alexia Maddox (audio)

Lecture 15: ‘Sex & Politics’ 29 September 2013

‘Holidays with Men’ by Ellena Savage (audio to come)

‘Love in a time of Neoliberalism’ by James Muldoon (audio to come)

Lecture 14: 25 August 2013

‘What’s wrong with the humanities?’ by Dr Gerhard Wiesenfeldt (audio)

‘Meaning and Nonsense: Philosophy and Semantics’ by Hon. Bernard Wojcik

Lecture 13: ‘The Human Condition: Discuss’ 28 July 2013

‘Human Beings Cannot Bear Very Much Reality’ by Dr Jolynna Sinanan (audio to come)

‘Basanosology’ by Dr Justin Clemens (audio)

Lecture 12: 26 May 2013

‘Cultural Hegemony, Religion and Russian revolution or Did religion have anything to do with the success of the Russian revolution?’ by Dr Tamara Prosic Audio

‘Common Knowledge: Democracy in the Garage’ by Jonathan McCoy Audio

Lecture 11: 12 May 2013

‘The Fall of the Political Subject into the Ambivalent Arms of Law, or why guilt is not enough!’ by Dr Juliet Rodgers Audio

‘What is Contemporary Art?’ + discussion by Nicholas Croggan Audio

Lecture 10: ‘Human Rights’ 28 April 2013

‘… purely and simply abandoned’ by Dr Adam Bartlett Audio

‘Humanising Militarism: On the Tactical Polyvalence of Human Rights Discourses’ by Dr Jessica Whyte

Lecture 9: ‘Symbolism’ 24 March 2013

‘Soul Searching’ by Erin Handley Audio

‘Studying Symbolism in Criminal Justice Policy(making)’ by Angie Vivian Audio

Lecture 8: ‘Karl’ 3 February 2013

‘Marx and the Project of Human Self-Creation’ by Lachlan Ross Audio

‘Intersections between Marxism and Christianity’ by Dr Roland Boer Audio

Lecture 7: ‘AUTO/BIOGRAPHY’ 2 December 2012

‘Autobiography in Posthumanist Times’ by Dr Hugh McNaughtan Audio

‘Hell of a Life’ by Chris Black Audio

Lecture 6: ‘Medievalism’ 28 October 2012

‘On Medievalism and its Discontents‘ by Professor Stephanie Trigg Audio

‘A Hero’s Choice’ by Jonathan Hibbert Audio

Lecture 5: ‘Maths’ 30 September 2012
‘Space is the Place’ by Josh Howie Audio

‘The Magical Power of Language’ by Bernard Wojcik

Lecture 4: ‘Memory’ 26 August 2012

‘The Persistence of Memory’ by Dr Jolynna Sinanan Audio

‘Aporetic Guilt and the Promise of Art: On sacrifice and refraction in Adorno’s Negative Aesthetics’ by Mitch Taylor Audio and Music!

Lecture 3: ‘Love’ 29 July 2012

‘This is Not a Love Song’ by Dr Justin Clemens, Audio

‘Love Comes in Spurts’ by Dr Adam Bartlett, Audio

Lecture 2: ‘Cosmopolitanism’ 24 June 2012

‘The Problem of Cosmopolitan Identification’ by Nick Faulkner, Audio

‘Why Peace? From Kant to Freud and Marx, with Castoriadis to Ourselves …’ by Lachlan Ross, Audio

Lecture 1: ‘Epistemology’ 1 April 2012

‘Knowing is Something We Do’ by Kai Tanter, Audio

‘Love in the Risk Society’ by Dr Jolynna Sinanan, Audio

(Right-click and select ‘Save Link As’ to download audio files)


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