Abstracts for Lecture #20

People + Place: A New Urban Ecology

Jon Shinkfield

What does open space need to deliver in an increasingly urbanised place? The new backyard.

Three Little Pigs

Matthew Dwyer

Three small pigs each adopted a sedentary lifestyle for the advantages and luxuries it might offer. As is well understood, they chose different building materials. Criticism abounded.
We’re familiar with the consequent accusations of myopia and security (Wolves of Massive Digestion?) – less commonly discussed are the subsequent implications of masonry construction.

This lecture will take a quick look at some of the broader characteristics of each sty; considering  their merits, their identity and the disruption each causes their parent environment, as I attempt to examine how one might inform the other, moving toward our next generation of farm house.

Pork is off the menu – replaced by Aboriginal, Japanese and Western architectural traditions. Also, Louis Kahn’s relationship advice for inanimate materials.



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