Lecture #7, 2nd Dec: AUTO/BIOGRAPHY

This is our last garage lecture for 2012, so come along for beer, delicious soup and learnings!

Hell of a Life

Chris Black

Søren Kierkegaard and Kanye West. What do an eccentric 19th century philosopher and an eccentric 21st century rapper have in common? Obviously they were both a bit cray. This lecture will explore certain biographical similarities between the two men, before delving into their own unique forms of (semi) autobiographical expression – Kierkegaard’s pseudonymous The Seducer’s Diary and Kanye’s dichotomous lyrics. Kierkegaard’s ‘three stages of life’ provide an opportunity to examine the meaning of Kanye’s lyrics and life, does he embody the aesthetic, ethical, or religious phase? Or maybe all three?

Autobiography in Posthumanist Times

Hugh McNaughtan

What does it mean to write the self? Classical humanist autobiography assumes two forms of transparency – of the stable subject to itself, and of language as the means of accurately representing that self. But latterly, various contributions to posthumanist thought have challenged the notions of both the stable, knowing self, and its transparent representation. Poststructuralism and anthropotechnics, to name two, force us to take a different slant on self-writing, even as, in the age of social networking and virtual community, it has become a precondition of social presence.


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  1. It’s like Chris-tmas has come early. This lecture is going to be Hug(h)e!

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