Welcome to the Garage Blackboard Lecture Series

Garage Blackboard Lecture Series is a brand new project starting up in Brunswick. Nearly Coburg, but still Brunswick. Each month we ask two speakers to give us a lecture on something that they’re really excited to talk about, and something that they may not get to approach in a strictly academic context. It’s held at 4pm on Sunday afternoons, and it’s academic but not intimidating or exclusive. There’s a keg of flat English ale provided, as well as soup and potentially baked goods. Questions (such as “Excuse me, but what on earth does epistemology actually mean?”) and heckling (“Yo mama so ugly you’re not even Oedipal”) are both welcome.

The Light of Wisdom, shining onto Jo's diagrammatic exegesis of love in the risk society.

Our first lectures in this series were given by the fantastic Kai Tanter and the brilliant Jo on 1 April 2012.

Kai Tanter is Head Editor of in Brief Magazine, Philosophy Buff, and Head Kicker for the Dairy Industry. He also does a mean Freddie Prince Jnr impersonation. He gave an introduction into epistemology. You can hear his lecture in full here: Audio.

Dr Jolynna Sinanan is an Anthropologist from University College London, Melbourne Socialite, and Famed Karaoke-ist. Jo posed the question “Is love ontologically possible in Beck’s Risk Society?” The short answer is “yes”, but the long answer is here: Audio.


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